Why Are We Taking Action?

We want economic stability, the ability to provide for our families, to feel safe at work, to have a health insurance plan, and to be paid for the work we put in. These are some of the things we want to see change:

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Employment Status for Employees

  • Frequently within our industry, individual employees are misclassified as contractors and robbed of their employee protections
  • Owning your own company where you bid to provide equipment and labor for an event, and you set your own schedule, is genuine contract work. We fully support our contract companies who treat their employees with dignity and respect!
  • When you are hired to perform a job at a rate set by those who hired you, you are directed on how to perform that job, and required to meet certain expectations, you are an employee and deserve employment status. Employee W2 status protects employees in times of economic instability by allowing them access to unemployment and other benefits

Access Health Benefits

  • Stage workers are at high risk of injury and exposure to COVID-19 due the physical nature of their work.

Setting Standards in the Workplace

  • The scope and duties of every job should be clearly defined. No one should be expected to perform multiple roles without added compensation.

Fair Wages

  • Wages should conform to some kind of standard throughout venues.
  • Overtime pay must be provided to ensure fair compensation.
  • Increased rates for festivals should be discussed and agreed upon.